Boats In The North Pacific

Linda and Dave on Irish Melody . We met them in Majuro and enjoyed traveling through Micronesia with them. I helped them set up this blog, and Dave's working on a new website for them. They're inland traveling in Asia now - just like the Energizer bunny, these guys keep on going.

Denny on Jubilant . Denny's been sailing forever, and is a Shilshole "F Dock" guy. It's been nice getting to know him in Majuro and we wish him well on his next adventure.

Larry and Trinda on Katie Lee . We first met them in Zihuatanejo our first time there. They're also old Shilshole "F Dock" folks, and we've enjoyed their company in Majuro as well.

Tim & Cindy on Masquerade . This is the boat you see in our northwest and Alaska pictures. Funny thing about cruising - we rarely saw them after we left Vancouver Island and will miss them in the Marshall Islands by about 4 weeks.

Boats In The South Pacific

Phillip & Leslie on Carina . We met them in Panama City and appreciate all they knew about everything. We shared lots of fun times on our Pacific Crossing with the Carinians, who are now enjoying the beautiful waters of Fiji.

Neville & Catherine on Dream Time II . We first met them on the Galapagos tour, and have shared several anchorages and many laughs with them since then.

Michael & Gerald on Eva . They're a father and son team on a Norsea 27. We didn't meet them under the best circumstances; they were the boat that got hit before us that night in Bora Bora.

David & Marcy on Nine of Cups . They've recently circumnavigated South America and have lots of great info on thier site. We shared lots of good times in the South Pacific with them and miss them a bunch already.

Aaron & Lauren on Wayward Wind . This boat was a tired old girl on A Dock at Shilshole when we were there years and years ago. Aaron has done a great job fixing her up and we were excited to see it sitting in Neiafu Harbor as we pulled in.

Boats In Central America

Bill & Jean on Mita Kuuluu . We first met them in Huatulco waiting to cross the Tehuantepec and hung out together in Bahia del Sol. Jean is one of my early morning walking partners, and Bill is an awesome cook. Time spent with Mita is always a good fun.

Boats Beyond The South Pacific

Axel and Brit on Hello World . We buddy boated in the Pearl Islands with Hello World and met them in Isla Cocos for some diving. Time on Hello World is always fun, but we still can't figure out how to beat this 53' boat in a race. It was sad to turn north as they turned south to New Zealand. I know we'll see them again someday, hopefully on the water in the Baltic Sea. Hello World was shipped back to Europe and Brit & Axel are back to the real world like we are.

Boats In The Caribbean

Hank & Betsy on Equinox . We met them on the Haha, then again in Mazatlan and Tenicatita. Hank's watermaker kept Rob busy.

Chris & Heather on Legacy . Chris was Mayor of Tenicatita in 2006, and they were a great resource of local knowledge for the Mexican Gold Coast. We spent time with them in Ecuador and Panama and helped them get Legacy through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean.

John & Lela on Yachtsman's Dream . We first met them heading north to the Sea of Cortez and saw them again in Central America.

Boats In Mexico

David & Carolyn on Aztec . Reading their latest blog posting, it sure looks like they're still having fund in Mexico.

Ron & Diane on Batwing . Batwing is a junk rigged schooner built in Port Townsend.

Roy & Marlene on Damiana . Marlene bravely took on the job as chief honcho of SailFest in 2006, and was instrumental in the huge financial success. They were sailing Jellybean at the time and have now moved on to this cat in the Caribbean.

Paul & Judy on Grace . They sail another Baba40 from PSCC. We passed them as they motored out of Neah Bay and we motored in. Hope to catch up with them in Mexico someday soon.

Linda & John on Nakia , a beautiful Hans Christian 33. We spent a bit of time with them in Ecuador and hope to see them again soon.

Mike & Nita on Odessa . They're heading south this year on their Tashiba 40. We wish them well and will miss them much.

Larry & Karen on Panta Rhei . They are fellow members of Puget Sound Cruising Club, and now they're headed south. We hope they have as much fun as we did.

Bob & Sherry on Ponderosa . Also fellow members of Puget Sound Cruising Club heading south. We'll sail along with them while we're home now.

Eric & Sherrell on Sarana . We first met them in Ecuador. They write marvelous cruising guides that they sell on their website.

Sites Not Active

Jay & Danica on Alkahest . We raced a season on Alkahest in Seattle and had a blast. They left 2 years ahead of us. They're in the Chesapeake working now. Danica's newsletters are a great read, but they made me insane some days when we were still working and getting ready to go.

Richard & Karen on Chessie . Met them heading to La Paz, and hung out with them there, Mazatlan, Santiago Bay and Tenicatita. Time spent onboard Chessie is always good fun. And now Chessie is in the Pacific Northwest, so we'll get that opportunity again.

Some folks from Seattle that did a South Pacific loop on a boat named Felicity . We met them briefly before they left. Their logs are excellent, and kept me going through the last 3 years of getting us ready to go.

Sylvia and Heinz on Galathe . There are lots of Europeans in Bahia who come through the canal on their way to the South Pacific. Galathe was sold in Fiji and Sylvia and Heinz are now sailing a cat named Mombo in the Caribbean.

Kent and Heather on Hiatus . We've seen the boat in harbors off and on all the way though Central America and finally caught up with them in Bahia.

Carl, Yvette, Joel & Kyle on Liberty . Met them also in Santa Barbara, and they were on the Haha. We missed them in the South Pacific and now they're back in the Pacific Northwest.

Ross & Laura on New Dawn . They were in Port Townsend when we got there to work on our boat, and left a year ahead of us. They're in the South Pacific now, and have some good reading on their site.

Bill & Mary on Raptordance . We first met them in Santa Barbara, then Haha'd with them. Haven't seen them much except a few days in Zihua, where they won the chili cook-off!

Terry & Tammy on Secret O' Life . This Union 36 was in Eagle Harbor years ago when Yohelah was known as Vita and owned by David & Barbara Rogers. Terry was happy to see Vita arrive in Bahia. Sadly, Terry passed away while on an inland trip in Bolivia. Secret O' Life was sold to some folks from South Korea, who sailed it home.

Gary and Dorothy on Wand'rin Star . We wintered over in Port Townsend with them in 2005 and found them again in Alaska. They're in the Tracy arm pictures and video. Saw them a few times in Mexico our second season. They've taken Wand'rin Star back to the states and put her up for sale.

Robin & Michelle on Warrior . We've seen Warrior off and on for the last couple of years. Michelle is taking Warrior home to Brisbane while Robin receives medical care at home. Sadly, Robin lost his battle with colon cancer. Michelle is keeping Warrior in Brisbane for now.

Friends Back Home

My friend Debby Curnow from Fairbanks is now officially in business as Alaska Trailblazers . Deb's horse trips into the Alaska wilderness are once in a lifetime adventures not to be missed.

Friends Kirk & Heidi on Due West . They're outfitting the boat in Seattle and hope to leave to go south in 2011. We're happy we'll get to see them for a little while again before they go.

Cherie owns another Baba40 named Karma . She's Long Beach based and getting ready for some cruising in the next couple of years. We had a fabulous day sail alongside Karma from Long Beach to Newport.

Our friend Lee Youngblood crewed with us on the Baja-Haha. See the Haha through the lens of a professional photographer here . There are lots and lots of photos.

Peter & Ginger on Marcy . They were on K-Dock at Shilshole after we left for Port Townsend. We met them at our going away when we went back to Seattle, and saw them again several times on our way south down the Baja, in La Paz and in Zihuatanejo. They completed an entire circumnavigation while we were in the Pacific. They're back in Seattle also.

Our good friends in Seattle Steve & Elsie from Osprey . We house sat for them our first summer out while they cruised Alaska for the summer. Elsie has written a beautiful book about cruising West Vancouver Island titled "Voyages to Windward". Now that she's retired they cruise Alaska in the summer and she has a new book about to be published.

Sailing References

A great cruiser's reference is Noonsite . Jimmy Cornell is the guy who writes the books that tell us about Cruising Routes and all the customs and checkin issues.

A huge collection of other cruiser's sites is Cruisenews . Definitely great for those days when you're need some armchair sailing.