I searched forever to find a teriffic Phad Thai recipe. This one's good. And the ingredients are available everywhere we've been so far, even including Ecuador.

Phad Thai

Rice Noodles (we prefer the thicker linguine width noodles)
Chicken or shrimp or veggies

1/4 cup fish sauce
1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp sugar
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp vinegar
1 tsp paprika
crushed red pepper

4 green onions, slivered
cooking oil
2 eggs
crushed unsalted peanuts
lime wedges

Soak noodles 30 minutes in water. Don't oversoak or they'll get too soft. Mix sauce and set aside. Heat wok and stir fry meat and/or veggies in a small amount of oil. Add noodles (drained) and sauce and mix well. Move noodles aside and add eggs into wok and scramble a little bit. Tuck eggs under the noodles and let it cook for a minute or two. Add more oil if needed. The trick here is to cook the noodles long enough for the eggs to firm up and cook, and the sauce to cook out until it's the right texture. If you overcook it'll get dry pretty quick. If you undercook it'll be runny. Top with green onions and peanuts and squeeze a little lime over the top.