Favorite Foods on Yohelah

Not for a second do I think I'm a great cook, but I can follow a recipe and I'm working hard to learn. With the help of the internet, some great friends and lots of cookbooks I've found some good recipes. Our favorite thing to cook onboard Yohelah is BBQ Pizza, and I've had several of requests to share that recipe. So what the heck, here are some pages with that and other recipes we enjoy aboard Yohelah. Besides, our webhost backs up our entire site every month, so if my recipe cards get lost this will preserve a copy for me too.


Black Bean Dip
Picante Sauce
Pita Bread
Smoked Salmon Mousse


Gauch Mato Salad
Greek Salad
Thai Cucumber Salad

Side Dishes & Breads

Cuban Black Beans
Encore's Cole Slaw

Banana Bread
Beer Bread
Brit's Baguette

Main Dishes

Beer Battered Fish
Clam Linguine
Fish Tacos
Phad Thai
Pizza on the BBQ
Pork & Black Bean Chili
Rob's Fish Cakes
Shrimp Tacos