New engine panel

The old engine panel was in the forward wall of the cockpit foot-well, not a great place for an engine panel. While the boat was in the boat shed I cut out the old frame and recess for the engine panel. The old Datamarine instruments were also in the cockpit well, everything was removed and the openings glassed and filled.

engine panel

We had the box made to accomodate the radar display and the engine panel. The top half of the box fits the new C80 radar display. It's on a RAM mount that allows it to swing out and be seen from the wheel. Since the picture below was taken we've added another ball mount for the RAM below the hatch. This allows the radar to be mounted out of the way of people using the companionway.

engine panel

The lower half is the engine panel with the auto pilot controls and nav lighting switches on the right side. I removed all the gauges from the Yanmar panel, along with the stop switch. I painted the grey gauges black and wired the new panel with switches and indicator lights specifically for our engine model. Due to the generic nature of the original panel I was able to remove over half the wiring harness from the new panel. Everything on this panel is water proof so a cover for the panel is not needed. Since it's inside, the keyed switch was omitted.

The alternator warning light is also wired into the Balmar regulator and gives appropriate indication that the Balmar is working.

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