Navigation Station

The nav station was custom built around the old Sitex radar and GPS receiver; both were mounted in custom frames and shelves on the left side of the panel. I cut out the old equipment panel, leaving the original breaker panel. The new panel is marine plywood with black formica.

Since we were adding a wind instrument to the boat the wind, depth, and speed instruments were all mounted at the nav station. There was room for two instrument displays on the binnacle, a wind repeater and a tri-data display.

The previous installation of the inverter was done incorrectly, with the incoming power from shore power run to a terminal block behind the nav station, back down to the inverter, then back to the shore power breaker. I added a Blue Seas AC panel, routing the incoming shore power to a breaker before returning to the inverter. The AC section of the breaker panel is fed from the inverter.

Mounted in the center is the controls for the Spectra water maker. The bottom row includes a car stereo, three accessory power outlets and a pair of RCA jacks for input to the stereo.


The left side is all new, the breaker panel on the right is original.

The area below the panel is an open shelf. We found it became easily cluttered so we asked Diana of Taku Marine to make teak boxes for us. The boxes have felt on the bottoms and sides and help us organize the space better. The area below the shelf was re-done to hold a tank monitor, pactor modem, VHF radio, and the SSB.

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