With a twenty year old refrigerator we decided to replace the insulation, box, and air-cooled compressor system. It was fun taking the sawsall to the old refer enclosure. When gutted, we ended up with a 20 cubic foot enclosed space. Since we planned on using vacuum panels for insulation we created a few new storage area from the extra space.


We gained a spice storage on the end and a 13" high storage underneath.

The new refrigerator uses Frigobot keel cooler system and an evaporator plate in the freezer with a spill over system. rParts vacuum panels were used for insulation.


New refer, ready for the top.

The box liner is stainless steel fabricated by Ballard Sheet Metal in Seattle. The freezer is 2-1/2 cubic feet, the refer box is 7-1/2 cubic feet. The spillover system works well.

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