Rerigging the boat

We removed the mast at the end of January 2005 and re-stepped it in May. Some of the work that was done while it was down...

Replacing the standing rigging - We used Port Townsend Rigging to replace all standing rigging with new wire and Sta-Lok terminals. Too bad we're going to have to replace some of the Sta-Loks when we re-rig next!

Chainplates - How to remove the chainlpates on a Baba 40 in four hours or less

Mast rewire - Replacing all the wiring, securing against chafe.

Trysail track - PT Rigging added a trysail track to the mast, alterations to make it work.

Spinnaker pole and track - Making Harken and Forespar play together, pole configurations, and how not to rig a bridle, especially when you're a rigger.

Traveller - The old traveller, options, bending new track to the teak traveller bridge. A similar job on another Baba 40 and why we paid too much.

Preventers - End-of-boom preventer system by Toss Rigging.

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