Marni Some days they call me a devil in a cat's suit, and other days it's a dog in a cat's suit. Doesn't matter what they call me, as long as I'm allowed to terrorize the three of them at will.

I came here to be Maya's playmate while they're off at work, and she just can't quite seem to understand that means me jumping on her back any time I feel like it. Mom & dad have become pretty good at playing fetch with me when Maya won't play. I just have to keep bringing the toy back and dropping it onto their laptops. I do sleep in my own bed sometimes, but expect everyone in the house to get up when I do any time of the night or morning.

Dad put up a full set of netting all the way around the boat before they would let me go outside, so I've managed to stay aboard. Now I hear them talking about moving ashore for a while, so we'll see what that means.

So far life is pretty good here with my new family. I miss my sibs, but seem to stay busy enough here. They keep talking about going out cruising again after they're retired, and how they miss the warm weather of the tropics, but I have no idea what than means. I think I'll find out soon enough.

Until then I'll just keep them guessing what exactly it is here inside this little cat suit.