Maya I had her pegged the second she walked into Marta's tienda where I was living with my three siblings. Mom had died and we were in pretty rough shape, all dirty and hungry and flea bitten. I ran up to her and pounced on her feet before she was even all the way into the tienda. Seems to have worked.

The next night they came back and got me after he had gone to town to buy all kinds of supplies for me. Within an hour my tummy was full for the first time since mom had died and the fleas were dying! The bad news came two days later when they shoved me in a cat carrier and put me in the back seat of a rental car for an all day trip in to the vet. That was no good at all, but the medicine they gave me seems to have gotten rid of all my worms and parasites, so life is getting better. And they even found a cool-o bed at a pet store for me so I have my own place to sleep.

A couple of days later I heard them talking and sounding nervous about something having to do with "crossing a bar" and the boat started making all kinds of noise and moving. Whatever. I just slept. It was bouncy for about three days and then we stopped again. Seems like this will be the drill. But it doesn't bother me, as long as my food bowl is full.

Now I pretty much have the run of the place, and they're great fun to chew on at 5:00 in the morning when the sun comes up. Today my favorite place to sleep is under the stove on the broiler pan, but I heard my new mom saying she hopes I don't fit there much longer.

All in all I think I chose pretty darn well and life's going to be pretty good here on whatever this thing is that they call Yohelah.