I started sailing during a career change at the Uiversity of Washington in 1992. Teresa and I took a basic sailing class in Lasers and a keelboat class on the weekends. The following summer we took a 21' keelboat to the San Juans for a week. With a leaking port-a-potti, a 5 gallon jug of water, a half-dead battery, no standing room, and an outboard that would only start with a shot of ether we had one of the best vacations ever.

We finished our degrees, got jobs, bought a house in Redmond and started looking for a boat one weekend instead of cleaning out the garage. We ended up with a Catalina 34 and set about learning to sail better. We soon realized we wanted to go cruising.

Since I worked in shipyards in a previous life I wanted to buy a steel hull and spend several years finishing it. I wanted steel because it was more robust and would withstand groundings and other abuse much better than fiberglass. A short time later we realized steel wasn't necessary if we learned to navigate and we were better off buying an existing boat. We decided to buy a boat to live on in Seattle - if we couldn't live on it here, we probably wouldn't be happy living on it cruising.

We sold the house in Redmond, the Catalina, and bought a 1984 Baba 40 all in the same weekend. We moved aboard in May of 1998 and had great fun downsizing, but that's another story.

About the same time we started racing at CYC Seattle on OPB's. Over the years we've had great fun racing, socializing, and partying. We learned a lot, and use what we've learned to sail our 30,000 pound double ender as best we can. I'm happy to report we manage ok. Lately we limit our racing to Puget Sound Cruising Club (PSCC) 'fun' races in the Baba.

Personal Stuff

I was born in Tacoma, moved around a lot as a kid. Dropped out of my first attempt at college and went to work on ships in San Diego. Parlayed that into a career as a Marine Electrician, eventually worked for the Royal Saudi Navy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at a naval ship repair facility on the same ships I helped build here.

I left Saudi at the end of 1990 and went to Highline Community College to see if school was something I wanted to do. Met my wife, Teresa, and the rest is history. Since graduating from the UW in 1994 I've worked as a software developer and Project Manager.

At another career crossroads, I'm looking forward to the start of my third career, that of 'sailor'. It'll be good to drop out of the rat race. I can't wait to be able to answer the question "So what do you do for a living?' with 'I'm a sailor'.