04-Dec-10: Added the bio page for Marni . Also added some more pix to the Japan blogs of the Ichickawa family.

20-Nov-10: Since we don't have any new BabaCam shots, I wrote a script to grab and replace the BabaCam with a random picture from our trip. If I was better at unix shell scripting I could tell you what the caption is, but that's for another day.

30-Sep-10: Made a Google Earth map of our route up the Wood River drainage. See the map Here . Zoom in a little bit and follow the trip out.

29-Sep-10: Added photos from my trip to Alaska. Thanks to T2 for all the pretty pictures (I had no camera this time). Changed the default view on the Gallery display. Tried to add another blog to write about the trip, but Wordpress isn't quite ready for it yet. I'll keep working on it later. For now, here are the pix: Alaska 2010 .

28-Sep-10: Reactivated plugin on blog to sort from beginning. Added a bunch o' new categories to the blog posting.

14-Sep-10: Never say never. Put the default sort back on the blog because Rob HAD to reply to Eitzen Chemical and post it to the end of the blog. The Psycho Tanker saga continues!

06-Sep-10: Added a plugin to the blog so it sorts from the top down. Won't be adding anything more to the Pacific Loop blog, but may start another one if we find something interesting to write about.

28-Jun-10: Added a gallery album for Japan . Our web host has installed a new flash player for our photo slideshows, which I've explained a little about on the Pictures page.

04-Apr-10: Added a gallery album for Palau . Also updated The Plan and our route .

26-Mar-10: What does a real dweeb who's dying to do some programming do to pass the time while a Tropical Storm passes by? Well she refactors the entire webiste. So I finally added style sheets and server side includes to all the pages. Please tell me where I messed up and broke links. But the site's now properly cleaned up. And we added some gallery albums for the North Pacific 2010 , with pictures from Pohnpei and Yap.

01-Mar-10: Updated the Contact Us page. We've added a new address for our sailmail so we don't have to publicize our sailmail account name.

14-Jan-10: Updated The Plan and our route .

23-Oct-09: Added a photo album for Tonga. Also updated The Plan , our route , and the blog .

07-Oct-09: Finally found a presentation layer for the blog that I like. It handles pictures better and uses the space on the page better. So I added lots of pix to it and finally can call the blog happy and done!

28-Sep-09: Added a photo album for Niue.

14-Aug-09: Added some pages for Recipes for favorite foods we enjoy.

11-Aug-09: Added a photo album for the Society Islands . Reorganized the Links page. Also added a new linke for my friend Debby's horseback and guide business Alaska Trailblazers .

24-Jul-09: Updated the blog . Added more photos to the Marquesas album. Added an album for the Tuamotus .

12-Jul-09: Updated the blog .

10-Jul-09: Completely rebuilt the blog. I copied all the old postings from my html pages into a new online blog. I still need to do some formatting, but now everything is all in one place. I need to fuss with the picture sizes and add more pix and change some fonts and sizing, but that'll happen all in good time.

05-Jul-09: Updated the logs .

23-May-09: Updated the logs . Added more photos to the Marquesas album.

06-May-09: Updated the logs . Added photos to the Marquesas album.

07-Apr-09: Updated the logs . Added photos to the Galapagos album.

02-Apr-09: Updated the logs .

09-Mar-09: Updated the logs .

27-Feb-09: Added albums for pictures of Ecuador , Panama and Costa Rica

15-Feb-09: Updated the logs .

22-Jan-09: Updated the logs .

04-Jan-09: Updated the logs . Changed the Where's Yohelah pages to 2009.

19-Dec-08: Updated the logs . Added an album for pictures of Maya .

17-Nov-08: Updated the logs .

20-Oct-08: Updated the logs .

05-Oct-08: Uploaded pictures from Peru. All the albums are here . New slideshows are Lima , Arequipa , Puno , Cusco , Machu Picchu .

25-Sep-08: Updated the logs .

31-Aug-08: Updated the logs .

13-Aug-08: Updated the logs .

20-Jul-08: Finally got pictures from Guatemala uploaded. All the albums are here . New slideshows are Antigua , Volcan Pacaya , Chichicastenango , Tikal

13-Jul-08: Updated the logs .

24-Jun-08: Added a page for passage blogs here . There are still some bugs to work out but I'll post to this while we're on passage starting next week as we cross south to Ecuador.

08-Jun-08: Updated the logs . Added Maya's bio .

22-May-08: Added a video of Guatemala. Added some pix of El Salvador. More pictures from Guatemala will be added soon. Updated the logs with info from our road trip to Guatemala.

17-Apr-08: Updaded the logs . Also updaded the The Plan and added some new maps from Google Earth.

27-Mar-08: Added a video of sailing in Mexico.

25-Mar-08: Updaded the logs .

18-Mar-08: Updaded the logs . Added a bunch of pictures from our trip down the Baja , La Paz and Carnaval, and Southbound through Mexico 2008 . Also added a video I finally got done editing from my horseback trip last summer in Alaska (if there's time and enough bandwidth today to upload it). Realize when you see these videos that not only am I not a videographer (obviously), but it's really hard to take videos from on top of a moving horse!

03-Feb-08: Updaded the logs .

30-Dec-07: Reworked all the old videos into flash using a flash video player local to our website. The Google videos were nice but really poor quality. You can see the new videos here . I'm working on the final edits of the videos I took in Alaska this summer and will add them before we head south. Also updaded the logs .

01-Nov-07: Added photos from Rob's underwater diving in the Red Sea in the 80's when he worked in Saudi Arabia (newly scanned into digital from slides). Updaded the logs and plan . Added more pix from T2 and Debs to the Horseback Riding album.

02-Aug-07: Added a page of Flash Videos that play on demand instead of having to download (courtesy Google Video - thanks). I need to find some higher resolution copies of the original videos to upload, but these will work for starters. Now that I know how to do this we'll take and upload more clips.

08-Jul-07: Added some photos of La Paz . Added some photos of the Marquesas . Updated the Logs . Reworked the Pictures page.

27-Mar-07: Added some photos of the Gold Coast .

12-Mar-07: Added a video of random Alaska clips to the Videos Page . Can only upload the low res version with this connection, but will add higher res ones when the internet connection is more robust.

03-Mar-07: Added a bunch of cruiser sites we know to the Links Page . Updated Logs .

12-Feb-07: Updated Logs .